Rental Streaming Kits

Looking to rent an IRL backpack for your stream, trip or company event? Want to try out IRL before making a purchase? We’ve got you covered.

Need our help with live streaming your event? Leave a comment and let us know what you’re interested in doing and we can find a way to make sure it happens successfully.

All of our rental backpacks come shipped with UnlimitedIRL data plans & modems bundled.

Please complete the form below and one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you to give you a quote & go over any questions you may have. Please allow 24 hours for our reply.



> How much does it cost?

US only rentals are $400/week with an one-week minimum, and $60 for each additional day.

Worldwide rentals are $500/week with an one-week minimum, and $70 for each additional day.

The rental period begins one day after delivery, and the return shipment must be postmarked no later than one day after your last day of rental to avoid additional daily charges. Shipping is a flat rate $65 for delivery from UnlimitedIRL, which includes return shipping. International or Expedited shipping are extra. If your desired start date is on a Monday, your rental may be delivered on the morning of that Monday, as Fedex / USPS do not deliver on Sunday. If your desired start date is on a Sunday, we may charge extra for Saturday delivery. Booking your rental early will give you the best pricing.

> What is included?

IRL backpack rentals include everything you need to get your IRL stream live - they are all inclusive. They come with: a LiveU™ Solo, Sony Action Cam with Shoulder Mount for first person POV and a monopod/tripod for third person POV, Complete Data Kit for US or the Complete Data Kit for Worldwide with modems, a large external battery (10-12 hours of continuous use, leave a note if you'd need more than one battery for an additional flat rate $20) & our backpack to keep everything together.

All rental IRL backpacks also come with access to our CloudOBS solution - a $140/month value. This enables you to add graphical overlays or effects / StreamLabs or StreamElements alerts & gives you bitrate based scene switching fallback in case your stream fails so that your viewers know you'll be back soon - instead of the stream ending.

> I want your help streaming my event.

Contact us by filling out the form above and we'd be glad to go over everything with you and help you decide if UnlimitedIRL is a good fit to manage your broadcast. Want to rent for longer durations or need customized solutions for your business stream? See our business soluions.


Rental Terms of Use

These terms outline general usage terms that you agree to when renting an IRL backpack from UnlimitedIRL. We're a common sense company, so in general, don't destroy our gear by being reckless. You may not use the backpack to stream illegal content or to record where you may not be legally allowed to.

Damage or Lost Equipment

If you lose our backpack, you must notify us and pay for a replacement. If you damage the backpack, even if accidentally, you may need to pay for the replacement parts. We will contact you if we find the backpack damaged beyond reasonable wear upon return.

Usage of our gear is also subject to our data usage terms and conditions, as applicable. For example, you may not use a US only backpack outside of the US & territories.


If you have any problems with your rental or usage of the rental, you must contact support through the rental contact form included with your rental. There are no refunds. You should not rent from UnlimitedIRL if you have never streamed before. Our rentals are incredibly cheap, as we want to bring this technology to as many creators as we can.

By renting an IRL backpack from UnlimitedIRL, you agree that if there are any problems with the usage of your rental backpack, unless otherwise agreed upon with a representaive from UnlimitedIRL, you will not be eligble for a refund.