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All plans come with no contract or obligation, if you decide to cancel just send the hotspots back at the end of that billing month to recieve a refund on your deposit.


We offer turnkey solutions to users of the Gunrun IRL backpack with our all-in-one complete data kit. The LiveU Bonding encoder used in the Gunrun IRL Backpack has two USB slots, an Ethernet interface, and a WiFi connection. To take advantage of all four interfaces, use our Nighthawk M1 LTE modem, which comes with an Ethernet port, available in the standalone Blue Plan or through the Gunrun Complete Data Kit. Without it you will be unable to utilize the Ethernet interface, and thus limited to a maximum of three bonded connections.



> 1. Are your plans really unlimited?

Yes, you do not need to be worried about using too much data on our plans during your IRL streams.

> 2. How do you get these?

We have contracts with some of the United States' largest LTE networks to provide unlimited data to content creators and Live Streamers. They are not available through their respective carrier's websites.

> 3. How are these plans different from my Unlimited cell phone plan on a carrier?

Unlimited cell plans are ONLY unlimited for data used on your phone. Unlimited phone plans usually only allow a few GB's of "tethering" (the ability to use the phones data with your computer, tablet, or other connected devices) via a "Mobile Hotspot"

Unlike an unlimited cell plan, our plans and devices can be used "tethered" to your cell phone, laptop and LiveU all at the same time!

> 4. Can I use these plans Internationally?

For plans marked US only, you can not. However, you may be interested in our Unlimited International Plans!

> 5. Are there any cancellation fees?

No. We do not have contracts with any of our plans. If you do not return the hotspot equipment when you cancel, your monthly billing charges will continue.


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Terms of Service  

While our plans are marketed towards "IRL" content creators on and other live streaming sites, there is nothing preventing people from purchasing a subscription to our services for other purposes. As such, we must make the following disclaimer: Our services are not designed to be used as a source of home internet or to be relied upon for the purpose of placing VoIP calls. Our Plans are to be used only in their advertised bundled devices. Removal of our SIM's to be used in another device, even if technically possible, will result in the line being disconnected and cancelled. You agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless UnlimitedIRL and its representatives if you fail comply with these rules, including if Plans are used in cell phones, by transferring the SIM from their bundled devices,  for the purposes of placing voice calls including 9-1-1 service, which includes any damage or loss as a result of the greater possibility of network congestion and/or reduced speed in the routing of 9-1-1 dialed calls.

Misuse of our services may lead to action on our part, including cancellation of your service without advanced notice. You will be contacted if misuse is identified and action is being taken on our part. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, International usage on Domestic plans, described as "Plans marked as "USA Only" are to be used ONLY within the United States of America and it's territories, including Puerto Rico. International data usage on "USA Only" plans, including Canada and Mexico, without prior consultation or communication with UnlimitedIRL may result in your line being disconnected and cancelled." , illegal activity of any kind, inappropriate data usage, including use which causes network disturbances for our service providers, and/or any use disallowed by them. Resale of UnlimitedIRL data services is strictly prohibited.

None of our services include a contract.  Each payment made towards service is for the following month. You may cancel your subscription with us at anytime,  simply by returning your hotspot equipment. Monthly charges will continue until our hotspots are returned. One time fees are considered deposits on the cost of the modems, and are returned after cancellation; minus a $30 activation fee and a $20 restocking fee per shipment. If you'd prefer to cancel and keep the units, we'll keep the one time fee. Refunds on service are allowed only under circumstances discussed with a representative from UnlimitedIRL, otherwise sales are final. Members will be notified if the terms of their service change, including our right to modify or stop service at anytime. Promotional discounts are applied to the grand total, thus deposit refunds will see an equivalent deduction.

(*) Worldwide Unlimited can be, in some areas, affected by circumstances beyond reasonable control, including generally unstable service in war zones, regional weather events, natural disasters, local network prioritization policy management, frequency mismatch and other reasonably unforeseen circumstances. Service is routed through US servers to bypass potential local firewall restrictions and to allow network providers to monitor data usage and ensure proper billing. Worldwide Unlimited data services are subject to change at anytime.

Privacy Policy

UnlimitedIRL collects some information in order to provide our services: a shipping address to properly deliver the hotspots, a contact number and email address to create a user account to allow our members to access their billing information on file and their current subscription via our Sign In page. as well as notify the member of any complications or issues with their service or billing.