Browse the plans below to find the best configuration for your IRL stream.


All plans come with no contract or obligation.


UnlimitedIRL offers turnkey solutions to users of the IRL backpack and LiveU Solo with our all-in-one Complete Data Kit. The LiveU Solo Bonding encoder, the magic behind the IRL Backpack, accepts a maximum of four connections: two USB, one Ethernet, and one WiFi.

To take advantage of all four interfaces, pick a modem which supports an Ethernet connection, such as the Nighthawk M1 LTE modem, included in our Complete Data Kit or in the standalone Blue or Magenta Plans. Without it you will be limited to a maximum of three bonded connections.


> How does it work? What's the catch?

UnlimitedIRL works with some of the largest wireless data wholesalers to provide upload priority data plans for content creators & media production. All of our plans are unlimited, unthrottled, and prioritized for the fastest possible upload speeds.

> How are these plans different from my unlimited cell phone plan on a carrier?

Unlimited phone plans are ONLY unlimited for PHONE usage, and oftentimes throttled after a certain threshold (such as 15gb or 22gb). Tethering, or mobile hotspot, is typically not supported or limited to 5-10gb. This is the equivalent of a couple hours of streaming. In contrast, all of our plans offer unlimited tethering to your cellphone, laptop, or LiveU™ Solo - at the highest possible speeds!

> Can I bring my own devices?

Yes! See our SIM-only offerings here.

However, if you're building your own IRL backpack, it is important to note that many modems are incompatible with the LiveU™ Solo or require special configuration. We cannot offer support for BYOD modems should issues arise.

All of our rental modems are preconfigured for optimal service, and the deposit is always refundable if you decide not to keep them.

> Do I need to have a LiveU™ Solo or (such as the used in the IRL Backpack) to use these plans?

All of our plans may be used individually to connect to laptops and phones without a LiveU™ Solo. However, you should consider a LiveU™ Solo if you are looking into our Complete Data Kit, which comes with four separate modems. The LiveU™ Solo will bond together the four cellular connections to create a high-fidelity stream, while load-balancing traffic during times of network congestion. Learn more about the IRL backpack here.

> Can I use UnlimitedIRL data plans for downloading as well?

While optimized for streaming, our plans also support unlimited download.

> Can I use these plans internationally?

Our Worldwide Plan offers unlimited data in over 200 countries around the world. USA-only plans are for domestic use only.

Here's a list of countries you can use your Worldwide plan in: Worldwide Plan Compatible Countries.

> Are there any cancellation fees?

No. We do not have contracts with any of our plans. If you do not return the hotspot equipment when you cancel, your deposit will be forfeited.

> How long does an order take to ship?

All orders are shipped free via Priority Mail (2-3 Day) within 48 hours. You will receive a tracking link via email as soon as it has been processed through our warehouse. International orders are shipped free via USPS First Class International (7-10 Day). If you would like to expedite your order, please contact us after placing your order.