IRL Streaming at TwitchCon 2018


Looking to use your IRL Backpack at TwitchCon? If you’ve missed the news, backpacks are not allowed past security as a matter of safety at the TwitchCon 2018 venue(and we totally understand!).

We can help. If you’re a subscriber to UnlimitedIRL’s Complete Data Kit for your IRL backpack, we’ll have one of our own backpacks reserved for you at our booth to use while inside the convention center (you just can’t take it outside).

How do I sign up?

If you’re a subscriber to our Complete Data Kit, you’ll receive an email with a form to fill out to reserve your UnlimitedIRL backpack at no charge. Just make your way to our booth (#1346) and checkout your backpack each morning of the convention. You’ll be able to use your existing backpack outside of the venue while you enjoy your time in San Jose! (just don’t try to bring it inside the venue)

Already have an IRL backpack but not a subscriber yet?

UnlimitedIRL is the leader in truly unlimited, uncapped, undeprioritized LTE data on all of the US’s major networks. We provide the best equipment for the best signal possible. If you’ve already made your own IRL backpack and are looking to save money and stay at the top of the IRL game, check out our data solutions at

All of our modems have refundable deposits; NO one time fees you won’t ever see again. Switching from another provider or already have modems? DM us for a custom SIM only solution and we’ll work with what you have already.


Email us at!

Happy Streaming!
Taylor Webb
President | UnlimitedIRL

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